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Executive Coaching

Our individually designed Executive Coaching processes combined one-on-one conversations in a productive, results-oriented environment with tailored actions and practices that help you grow the habits you need to achieve your objectives in a sustainable manner.


Team Coaching and Development

Our Team Coaching process helps successful leadership and management teams and their members become even more effective, both individually and as a unit.


Management by Coaching

We help you maximise the performance and development of your team members by having the same conversations you should currently be having but more effectively, thereby enabling you not only to consistently perform at the highest levels but also to be a role model worth following for the generations that follow you.


Accelerated Development Coaching

We accelerate the leadership development of identified potential leaders within an organisation by providing them with a basket of life skills and behaviours that other successful leaders have acquired over many years, all of which add value to their roles as they move up the management ladder

“I thoroughly enjoyed our ‘partnership’ and enjoyed the insights Lauron offered which at times meant challenging my view of seeing things. I’ve grown from this experience – so much so that I’ve decided to become a coach….”

Spar Group Ltd

Thuli Tabudi, Group Human Resources Executive

The programme exceeded all expectations I had before undertaking it. A new chapter in my life has been opened. Leadership is a constant knowledge acquisition and actions that take an individual and an organisation forward to the future that is unknown. Armed with executive coaching by Leaders in Progress I feel ready to take on the VUCA world.”

Deloitte South Africa

Nkululeko Oliphant, Director/Partner

“I started my journey with Lauron 9 months ago, and admittedly I was rather sceptical about the added value I would benefit from the program… how wrong I was!!! This has been one of the biggest life-changing experiences of my work career. I have gained so much insight from Lauron about who I am as a person, what I want to achieve and how to go about achieving those goals. Lauron has the amazing ability to help you form calculated decisions about your future and help you see what is right in front of you so that you can make those decisions on your own. I have learnt so much about myself in the last 9 months. He has unlocked an incredible amount self-belief and confidence within me which lay dormant before. I feel far more refined now than when I started the program and I look at things in a completely different light. My personal opinion is that this is an experience that each and every individual would benefit from significantly. It paves a much clearer path and helps you to identify goals and opportunities that you may not have managed to reach on your own! Thank you Lauron for all your help and guidance.”

ADT - District Manager Inland Outlying Branches

Matthew De Gersigny

“I had the experience of utilizing Lauron Buys as both a Business and Life coach over a 1 year period and found the experience enhancing in so many varying ways, his fundamental business knowledge allied to a thorough understanding of how to get oneself to bring out your best, develop your talents and minimize your weaknesses ensures a positive and refreshing outcome to the process. His wisdom and empathy make the entire self-discovery a pleasurable experience and I found myself looking forward to each session and ending each with renewed vigour. I would heartily recommend him as an individual who makes a significant impact.”

Soft Tissue Implants - Covidien (Pty) Ltd

Jimmy Weidemann - Business Unit Manager

“You took a team which was working… and in a period of 3 months turned into a highly focused and efficient unit. You achieved this by quickly establishing the group dynamics and in a very subtle, but effective manner, got us to adjust our bad behaviours. I have no doubt in saying that we have moved from being a good team to a great team. What’s more, we are having fun doing business and working together. It is one of the very few times when a consultant has under-promised and over-delivered in my experience. In fact, during our interactions, you felt more like a team member than a consultant. I would have no hesitation in recommending Leaders in Progress to other organisations.”

Grindrod Freight Services, a division of Grindrod Ltd

Dave Rennie - Managing Director

“I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Lauron. He was able to not only quiet the chaos in my mind but listened, challenged and expanded my horizons (mentally and in reality). He was always very patient to discuss matters and worked with me through a number of processes that ultimately resulted in me making numerous positive decisions. Not only was the experience of working with Lauron life-changing, it enabled me to change my perception of reality and take a leap of faith in changing my life journey. It was an honour to have met and worked with Lauron and I am comforted by the fact that he is only a phone call away.”


Cornelia Niemand | Senior Manager, Advisory, Forensics

“I have had the opportunity to work with Lauron both professionally, as a contracted service provider in my talent and leadership development practice, and on a personal level as my own coach. Lauron is an absolute pleasure to work with and truly has, not just a client centred approach, but a human centred one as well. I have seen how he is able to find chemistry with a number of very different individuals and was heartened at some of the enormous transitions that transpired as a result of his work.

Lauron is one of the few people in my life that provides a balance of frank and uncomfortable vs. enlightening and inspirational conversations. I especially value his storytelling and metaphoric style and his great sense of humour – these I believe have assisted me to expand and accelerate.

Lauron is just a great individual. Whatever path you or your business are on, or are looking for, he will play an excellent role, or roles, in that journey. “

Consulting Psychologist

Claire Robertson

“I found the most poignant aspects of Lauron’s approach to coaching me was the genuine care he had for me as an individual and the skilful deployment of his deep wealth of knowledge of the subject. This set the tone for him to instil an inner thought process in me that unlocked a journey of self-discovery. He skillfully challenged me and introduced appropriate practices at telling times which enabled me to identify the important aspects of my leadership style and ways in which I could improve my overall effectiveness. I highly recommend Lauron as a coach.”

Nedbank Private Equity - Principal

Dave Rennie - Managing Director

“I can highly recommend Lauron Buys as an effective leadership coach. The value that Lauron provides is life-changing for the individuals concerned and for the business. After completing our initial course, both my team and I have found that we are better at handling conflict, better at accepting responsibility, better at being accountable and better at getting things done. Lauron does not lecture on how you should behave but rather takes you on a journey of self-discovery leading to your becoming the leader you are meant to be. The value that Lauron provides is invaluable!”

Daly Credit Corporation (Pty) Limited

Andy McNabb - CEO


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