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Management by Coaching deals with the distinction between directive and non directive coaching and with the effectiveness if non-directive coaching as a management style (rather than a tool) which maximises performance within the workplace. In his Preface, Lauron has this to say: “I have tried to approach this book from a different perspective and to provide readers…with, hopefully, a very new way of looking at performance management. I have integrated largely new skills and approaches to the various keys which are not only able to stand alone, but also complement the approaches in the first book.”

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Lauron has really delivered in his latest book, Shooting the Lights Out. This book is gold for anyone in sales, sales management or people development. Lauron has written a book that is pure alchemy. He has managed to pen the secrets of human transformation of a normal person just like you or me from salesperson to sales manager. In doing so, he shares the real experiences of a newly appointed sales manager, the problems we all face in this transition phase. Most importantly Lauron gives us the tools we need for the unification and development of a sales team and individual salespeople, serving a common purpose and achieving a common goal.

In this easy to read book, Lauron has unpacked what others have tried and failed to achieve. The tools are easy to understand and implement. Once you pick this little gem up, you will not put it down until the last page is done and he leaves you wanting more…

Roderick Ware – Regional Sales Manager – Momentum Financial Planning

I wish I’d had a book like this when I was promoted from being the top sales consultant to being the National Sales Manager. The parable style makes it easy to read and to connect with. The tools are useful and so clearly explained that anyone could put them into practice.

In my view, this book will be extremely useful to all who have staff reporting to them, from supervisors and team leaders to senior managers.

Wendy van Elden – Previously National Sales Executive – Lexis Nexis SA – And now a professional Coach, Mentor and Trainer

I think that the whole message is brilliant because it is a holistic approach to sales leadership as opposed to sales management and done in a very real and practical format.

Brian Findlay – Former Director – Nedbank Ltd

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