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A new year – and a new way!

Happy New Year to all of you! I hope that you and your families have had a wonderful holiday period and that you were able to recharge those batteries and energise yourselves for a 2018 that I hope will bring you all the happiness and success that you may wish for yourselves.

The new year has brought with it some changes for me. Firstly, Adele and I have relocated to Johannesburg where the bulk of my practice has always been. I am looking forward to growing my practice even more now that I will be spending more time here. I will still service my Durban clients with monthly trips there and hope to continue to grow that part of my practice.

With the move, I am really happy to announce that Marang Masokoane and Deepti Jeram have joined the team as Personal Assistant and Marketing Assistant respectively. You will notice that I have split these two functions and the resultant focus is already showing signs that we will be able to serve our clients and future clients more effectively. Unfortunately, the relocation has meant that we needed to say goodbye to Hayley Taylor and I would publicly like to thank her for her assistance over the last eight months.

Another change that will come into effect this month is that the business will be rebranding – but more about that in due course. Watch this space!

Finally, in addition to executive coaching with individuals I will be increasing my focus on leadership team coaching. I will also be elaborating on this in future Monday Memo’s!

So, all in all, an exciting time for me and I really look forward to translating these changes into added value for all my clients.

Monday Morning Perspective: “And now let us welcome the new year, full of things that never were.”

Rainer Maria Rilke

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