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This week’s focus:

How wobbly is your line?
Just where is the line between an outright lie, and one of those other things that isn’t a lie, but is untrue or misrepresentation of the truth? Sometimes the distinction is obvious – and sometimes it can become quite confusing.
Nevertheless, shouldn’t we be asking ourselves, “Where is my line? And how wobbly or stable it is? Is it cast in stone or does it move around a bit?” After all, it kind of sneaks up on us, doesn’t it – we answer something more boldly in the affirmative or negative than we really believe, or anticipated it coming out of our mouths; and we put on an Oscar performance (with apologies to…) sometimes when we find some wriggle room…and the list goes on.
So, what should we do about this? Should we beat ourselves up? Or let ourselves off the hook? My take on this is that we shouldn’t beat ourselves up – but we should try to get better and better at being more and more honest (especially) with ourselves, and of course others.
Monday Morning Perspective: “I don’t like being lied to, so I only lie about stupid things. White lies, basically.” – Enrique Iglesias
Kind regards, Lauron
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