Lauron has managed to bring seven coaching skills to the manager in Management by coaching – 7 basic keys. This book is aimed specifically at enabling managers to use coaching as their management style.

Key 1: Models and structures – providing foundation through distinction.
Key 2: Listening at level 2.
Key 3: Building rapport and trust… getting to first base
Key 4: Effective questioning… unlocking the power of coaching
Key 5: Confronting… maintaining accountability and performance
Key 6: Goal setting…. creating a roadmap
Key 7: Developing an action plan… the discipline of getting things done

The author provides you, the managers, with basic coaching skills to enable you to use coaching as your style. This will assist you to consistently improve the performance of the people who report to you – in other words, will help you to be even more effective in your roles than you are now. Management by Coaching deals with the distinction between directive and non directive coaching and with the effectiveness if non-directive coaching as a management style (rather than a tool) which maximises performance within the workplace.

What an inspiring book to read! If there is one book that managers would be wise to treat themselves to as a gift, it is this book. It would not matter whether they are low of rank or CEOs, in government, private sector, entrepreneurial or parastatal. All managers have to interact with their employees, colleagues and superiors, and this book shows some of the most effective ways in which to do so.” – Marita Botha at

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ISBN: 9781869221508

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