“I have had the opportunity to work with Lauron both professionally, as a contracted service provider in my talent and leadership development practice, and on a personal level as my own coach. Lauron is an absolute pleasure to work with and truly has, not just a client centred approach, but a human centred one as well. I have seen how he is able to find chemistry with a number of very different individuals and was heartened at some of the enormous transitions that transpired as a result of his work.

Lauron is one of the few people in my life that provides a balance of frank and uncomfortable vs. enlightening and inspirational conversations. I especially value his storytelling and metaphoric style and his great sense of humour – these I believe have assisted me to expand and accelerate.

Lauron is just a great individual. Whatever path you or your business are on, or are looking for, he will play an excellent role, or roles, in that journey. “

Consulting Psychologist

Claire Robertson

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