Systemic Leadership Team Coaching

Is an integration of individual coaching, group coaching, group facilitation, team development and organisational development.

It’s a process of coaching the whole team, together and apart, over a designated time to:

  • collaborate and learn across diversity;
  • develop collective leadership;
  • align common purpose;
  • achieve performance objectives;
  • effectively engage with key stakeholder groups; and
  • jointly transform the wider business.

In short, and by way of differentiation, SLTC is about partnering with the team to co-create a leadership culture in which organisational learning takes place at a greater speed than environmental change, thereby ensuring that both the organisation and team are ‘future-fit’ in the VUCA world we have created and that we can be proud of the leadership culture we leave to the next generation.

There are four steps to the ‘how’ of the process:

Contract: for us to understand the needs of the team and agree to the inquiry approach with you or the sponsor – this would include the boundaries of confidentiality, your role as team leader, types of inquiry process, pricing for the inquiry phase;

Inquiry, discovery, contract:

  • Inquiry: With team members, the whole team, stakeholders etc
  • Discovery: Making sense of patterns where to focus, jointly with the team
  • Contract: With the team – outcomes, focus and ways of working.


Based on the outcomes of #1 and #2. an agreed series of team and/or individual coaching sessions at agreed intervals;

A review of the process.

There are two stages for the pricing of the entire process: firstly, during contracting (#1 above) and relating to the inquiry phase (#2); and then at the end of the inquiry phase once the remainder of the process has been created or co-created.

The initial contracting, as well as the contracting after the inquiry phase, are on a no-obligation basis (save for any assessments we might have to pay for) and you are therefore entitled to withdraw from the process at these junctures without incurring any expenses (at #1 stage) or any further expenses (at the end of step #2).

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