Better leaders, better organisation, better world!

Great leaders develop great leaders who develop great leaders!

  • Are your leaders really making the difference you need in your business?
  • Are your leaders leading or managing? Strategic or too operational?
  • Are some of your leaders part of the challenge? Getting in their own way?
  • Are your leaders still trying to lead the 20th Century way?
  • Does your current investment in leadership development accomplish observable and sustainable new competencies – new, more effective habits, attitudes and beliefs?
  • Are your leaders able to self-generate changes as they develop and learn from their experience?

The questions we need to ask ourselves have, like everything else, changed over the years. These are just some of the questions you may not like the answers to!

What is Leadership Developmental and Effectiveness Coaching (LDEC)?

Building on experience gained over more than 20 years of leadership roles and nearly 20 years of leadership coaching, we have designed our unique leadership developmental coaching programmes based on tried and tested practices and methodologies. Not only that, you will be able to observe people who join us on a LDEC programme applying new competencies and more effective habits on a daily basis from early on in the programme.

Who would benefit from LDEC?

  • Leaders who are wanting to lead more consciously, authentically and effectively
  • Leaders who want the “how”
  • Leaders who want to lead with both backbone AND heart
  • Senior managers and newly appointed leaders

Desired outcomes

Coaching clients will engage:

  • With a highly competent and experienced partner
  • In generative practices
  • Outcome-specific fieldwork or practices

which will enable them to produce: 

  • Observable competency in fulfilling commitments – the coaching client’s specific commitments will generally determine much of the focus of the coaching. Resulting competencies will be observable by both the client and others;
  • The capacity for self-generation – they will develop the capacity for, and ownership of, their own ongoing and development, which often provides benefits far beyond the original outcomes sought from coaching;
  • The experience of aliveness and fulfillment – our coaching approach puts our clients in much more direct contact with their moment-by-moment experience. Increased sensitivity and awareness of our own experience are the keys to the intangible rewards that we seek in our lives. Our coaching, therefore, helps them become more fully themselves

Experience two coaching sessions for free to help you decide whether our coaching approach will achieve your objectives. Apply here to see if you qualify.

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