We accelerate the leadership development of identified potential leaders within an organisation by providing them with a basket of life skills and behaviours that other successful leaders have acquired over many years, all of which add value to their roles as they move up the management ladder.

Participants in this leadership training will progress through 10 to 12 carefully constructed modules, startingwith intra-personal skills and behaviours to interpersonal skills and behaviours and to an array of important business skills

This leadership training programme normally consists of the following:

  • A pre-programme 360 degree assessment
  • 10-12 modules chosen my the organisation from a menu of relevant topics
  • 10-12 group action learning sessions each focused on one module
  • 10-12 individual coaching sessions to ensure conversion into the workplace as well as effective self-leadership and leadership development
  • Presentations to management
  • A post-programme 360 degree assessment to measure progress

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