9 May 2016

This week’s focus: The Weakest Link: Time to stop making things worse! The chances are that you, right now, are able to identify one person in your team who is somehow protected – despite the [...]

2 May 2016

This week’s focus: Meetings, Meetings, Bloody Meetings It is apparently estimated that there are around 3 billion meetings held every day across the world. That’s about one meeting per adult [...]

25 April 2016

This week’s focus: How wobbly is your line? Just where is the line between an outright lie, and one of those other things that isn’t a lie, but is untrue or misrepresentation of the truth? [...]

18 April 2016

This week’s focus: “Yes, but…” Most of us would be surprised – no, probably shocked – if we knew how many times we use the qualifiers “but”, “no” and “however” in a single [...]

11 April 2016

This week’s focus: For once, just S.T.O.P.! There’s one thing I know for sure: ALL my clients are in a hurry! ALL of them feel like they don’t have enough time in the year, never mind the day! [...]

4 April 2016

This week’s focus: The message received is more important than the message intended Makes sense, doesn’t it! Of course, the message that is received is the message acted upon and if it is the [...]

14 March 2016

This week’s focus: Remember to take your shoes off! We are often asked to put ourselves in the shoes of others when trying to understand where they are coming from – and this is probably one of [...]

07 March 2016

This week’s focus:  “Win-win” – cliché or mutually beneficial? It’s funny how many of us resist the notion of win-win; in fact, we resist most things that come up on a regular basis to the [...]

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