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Recently, I came across a LinkedIn post by Ayesha Mathuthu (Jeewa), the Group Head: Talent Management at Aspen Holdings that contained the following image:

For me, this says it all – if we could all seek to approach our leadership (and our lives) with these as our daily mantras, how much better would the world be – better leaders, better world – not to mention our businesses. So I am not going to bore you with my understanding or views on each of these aspects – this is an opportunity for us all to ponder and reflect on each aspect, one at a time, and contemplate how we could become even better at each. Let me know what comes up for you (at .

And while you are doing that, I hope you will have a wonderful festive season and that the year 2023 will be exceptionally good to you. Thank you for your support over the years – and thank you, Ayesha!

Have fun! And please let me know how this challenge goes for you (here’s a link: – and notice how it influences those around you.

Until next month
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