• I have had the opportunity to work with Lauron both professionally, as a contracted service provider in my talent and leadership development practice, and on a personal level as my own coach. Lauron is an absolute pleasure to work with and truly has, not just a client centred approach, but a human centred one as well. I have seen how he is able to find chemistry with a number of very different individuals and was heartened at some of the enormous transitions that transpired as a result of his work. Lauron is one of the few people in my life that provides a balance of frank and uncomfortable vs. enlightening and inspirational conversations. I especially value his story telling and metaphoric style and his great sense of humour – these I believe have assisted me to expand and accelerate. Lauron is just a great individual. Whatever path you or your business are on, or are looking for, he will play an excellent role, or roles, in that journey.    

    Claire Roberston Ernst & Young - Consulting Psychologist
  • "I was very fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Lauron. He was able to not only quiet the chaos in my mind but listened, challenged and expanded my horizons (mentally and in reality). He was always very patient to discuss matters and worked with me through a number of processes that ultimately resulted in me making numerous positive decisions. Not only was the experience of working with Lauron life-changing, it enabled me to change my perception of reality and take a leap of faith in changing my life journey. It was an honour to have met and worked with Lauron and I am comforted by the fact that he is only a phone call away."

    Cornelia Niemand KPMG - Senior Manager, Advisory, Forensic
  • "I started my journey with Lauron 9 months ago, and admittedly I was rather skeptical about the added value I would benefit from the program… how wrong I was!!! This has been one of the biggest life changing experiences of my work career. I have gained so much insight from Lauron about who I am as a person, what I want to achieve and how to go about achieving those goals. Lauron has the amazing ability to help you form calculated decisions about your future and help you see what is right in front of you, so that you can make those decisions on your own. I have learnt so much about myself in the last 9 month. He has unlocked an incredible amount self-belief and confidence within me which lay dormant before. I feel far more refined now than when I started the program and I look at things in a completely different light. My personal opinion is that this is an experience that each and every individual would benefit from significantly. It paves a much clearer path and helps you to identify goals and opportunities that you may not have managed to reach on your own! Thank you Lauron for all your help and guidance."

    Matthew De Gersigny ADT - District Manager Inland Outlying Braches
  • "The programme exceeded all expectations I had before undertaking it. A new chapter in my life has been opened. Leadership is a constant knowledge acquisition and actions that take an individual and an organisation forward to the future that is unknown. Armed with executive coaching by Leaders in Progress I feel ready to take on the VUCA world."

    Nkululeko Oliphant Director/Partner - Deloitte South Africa
  • "Thoroughly enjoyable and insightful process. Lauron has a great ability to spot the issues, develop some memorable analogies and get to work on making you a better person all round!"

    Mark Casey Deloitte & Touche - Director / Industrial Leader: Africa
  • "Lauron's warm approach and considered style has challenged me to reflect on my leadership development in a way that has been both practical and effective. Have benefited immensely from our working relationship."

    Stuart Tudor-Owen Deloitte & Touche - Chief Marketing Officer
  • "I thoroughly enjoyed our 'partnership' and enjoyed the insights Lauron offered which at times meant challenging my view of seeing things. I've grown from this experience - so much so that I've decided to become a coach…."

    Thuli Tabudi Spar Group Ltd. - Group Human Resources Executive
  • "I found the most poignant aspects of Lauron’s approach to coaching me was the genuine care he had for me as an individual and the skillful deployment of his deep wealth of knowledge of the subject. This set the tone for him to instill an inner thought process in me that unlocked a journey of self-discovery. He skillfully challenged me and introduced appropriate practices at telling times which enabled me to identify the important aspects of my leadership style and ways in which I could improve my overall effectiveness. I highly recommend Lauron as a coach."

    Brad Pearse Nedbank Private Equity - Principal 
  • "Once I realised that to be truly effective I had to allow people to enquire, think for themselves, make conclusions and genuinely enter into collaborative relationships was when my conversations took on a whole new approach."

    Graeme Horsley Legal Advisor KZN – Momentum
  • "I really have changed; I learnt how to build great rapport with all people I now coach. My listening skills have improved. The people around me have noticed this too and they now want to talk. They know I won't just give them the solutions. You use coaching in your everyday life. I have enjoyed what I have learnt and will keep working at improving my skills."

    Marc de la Porte African Bank
  • "I have listened to everybody for years, but hearing people, changed me as a person. Suddenly the focus was moved away from myself, and I could sometimes see solutions to problems that I never would have. Then I had to realise that even though I could now see solutions more clearly, in the coaching environment, I had to ask questions, listen, reflect and have a genuine interest in my coachees world. The realisation, that it is their world, to be sensitive and to resist finding a quick fix.…I feed inspired to unlock hidden potential in all people that I coach, and to try and always find that right question to ask, to provide the new eyes to see a solution, instead of a problem."

    Belinda Pearce African Bank
  • "I believe this is one of the best training courses I have ever been on! Spreading it out as you have with the coaching session’s in-between I believe have been invaluable in assisting me to retain and implement what I have learnt."

    Wyatt Hovelmeier Business Connexion
  • "The coaching sessions were brilliant. You realise the effects of coaching later in the year and how it helps in your work and personal life"

    Firoz Esoof Business Connexion
  • "Excellent course material – covers all aspects of our business. Extremely positive in helping me achieve my goals and move up in the business”

    Nevendren Naicker Business Connexion
  • "You took a team which was working… and in a period of 3 months turned into a highly focused and efficient unit. You achieved this by quickly establishing the group dynamics and in a very subtle, but effective manner, got us to adjust our bad behaviours. I have no doubt in saying that we have moved from being a good team to a great team. What’s more we are having fun doing business and working together. It is one of the very few times when a consultant has under-promised and over-delivered in my experience. In fact during our interactions you felt more like a team member than a consultant. I would have no hesitation in recommending c-business to other organisations.”

    Dave Rennie MD, Unifeeder, a member of the Grindrod Ltd Group
  • "At 56, I have over the years, attended a variety of seminars and workshops, collected and read a variety of self help/psychology etc books, and over the years I must have got something out of them. (Not sure what!) However, six months of one on one coaching has been, for me, a wonderful learning experience, I wish I had seen a coach when I was in my 20’s! Much of what Lauron has taught and guided me through, was not new information for me, but with coaching it is possible to sustain new habits with measurable results."

    Shirely Sage Sales Consultant – Orthopaedic Trauma – Smith & Nephew
  • "I had the experience of utilizing Lauron Buys as both a Business and Life coach over a 1 year period and found the experience enhancing in so many varying ways, his fundamental business knowledge allied to a thorough understanding of how to get oneself to bring out your best, develop your talents and minimize your weaknesses ensures a positive and refreshing outcome to the process. His wisdom and empathy makes the entire self discovery a pleasurable experience and I found myself looking forward to each session and ending each with renewed vigour. I would heartily recommend him as an individual who makes a significant impact."

    Jimmy Weidemann Business Unit Manager - Soft Tissue Implants -Covidien(Pty)Ltd
  • "Sometimes in one’s career, we get a sense that we need to reinvent ourselves so that we can remain competitive and relevant for a good while longer. Corporate life does not tolerate stagnation and "more of the same”. A starting point, we are so often told, when it comes to change has to happen individually. This clichéd maxim has always seemed a little exaggerated. But, not so long ago, I decided I had to do something to reposition myself. I contracted with Lauron and started on a 9 month personal development programme. Never once did I find it threatening or a bind. What it did do was facilitate some self reflection and this in turn created a platform for some tangible change. It might not be overt but I can feel I have different view about my career, about my work/life balance and most importantly, about taking people with me along the course of change that is always so prevalent in all we do. And although the contract with Lauron might have ended, the journey of self-reflection has only just started."

    Jeff Paul Divisional Director Agency – Liberty Life Group
  • "The defining question is has it changed my life? Definitely! Will I be able to sustain it? Definitely! The process has changed my way of thinking in a personal as well as professional capacity. I believe that the process has enriched my life and has enabled me to be a better leader for all."

    David Schildt Project Engineering Manager - GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "At first I considered participation in the programme was a waste of my time. I had been through most of these modules during my Masters in Business Administration (MBA) program that I am currently studying at University of Kwazulu Natal (UKZN). Later during this course I became convinced that I am in a journey that I will never forget in my entire life. The learning environment and setup used by the facilitator in the form of group and one on one sessions stimulated me throughout."

    Nhlanhla Meyiwa Product Engineer – GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "Looking back at where I started, I believe an enormous change has occurred both in my personal as well as my working life. The change was initially focused on my personal life, but as the improvement of my personal self took shape so the benefits started flowing over into my day-to-day working activities. Improvements were brought about by a better awareness of myself, my job, my colleagues & our relationships, and the wish to do things better."

    Alex Van Den Blink Production Development Manager – GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "I have found this programme very beneficial, for the following reasons: a) Valuable teambuilding amongst up-and-coming GUD leaders. b) Whole life application, as opposed to just work life. c) Monthly one-on-one coaching sessions with Lauron were a great help to make the material practical for my specific situation(s). d) Opportunity for application in-between sessions, due to programme structure. e) Valuable new insights on a variety of leadership topics, whilst the material was relatively brief and to the point – "distilled” insights as opposed to chapter upon chapter of theory! About halfway through the programme I sensed how things were "coming together”. It was great to begin experiencing how the various areas of learning started joining together and reinforcing each other as part of a bigger framework of leadership. This was not only true for me, but for many (if not all) of the other participants. I’ve enjoyed experiencing this process – it cannot be called a ‘course’, but rather a ‘process’. And it was more than just loose-standing modules with some good theory on each – it was new angles on different leadership topics which somewhere in June started ‘gelling’ and building up to a bigger whole. I am left with the realisation that I can change, and that I can make a difference. And the tools learnt over the last number of months are very useful for building with so that we (and I!) are consistently challenging ourselves to lead better."

    Diyan Botha Engineering Services Manager – GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "This course developed me in all facets of my character and supplementing the roles that I undertake in my daily life. The course material transcended the work place and I could apply the principles in my family life and other areas of my life. I discovered the more you employed these methods, the more natural they appeared to be. Courage came about as more self-confidence increased! Courage to challenge the norm, think outside the box, to approach the unapproachable."

    James Naidoo IT Manager – GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "I have covered similar material in other courses over the years so when I first embarked on the course I had preconceived ideas about what to expect. When I look back now after 6 months I can see how Lauron’s coaching style has benefitted me, it isn't a course it's a coaching forum in which the material has impacted upon the way I think and ultimately manage my staff and benefit the company. After a course the material tends to fade into the background and one reverts back to old habits, whereas this has been creating new habits by being challenged to think differently."

    Adrian Hultzer Management Accounting PMB – GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "In Summary, the programme has been very insightful and has forced me to push my boundaries and focus on personal development."

    Russell Shaw Production Manager – GUD Filters (Pty) Ltd
  • "The beauty of the course is that it asks a number of important questions, prompts a great deal of introspective thought, and opens one’s mind to new concepts and possibilities. From what I have observed of my fellow members on the course, our vastly differing experiences, personalities, strengths and weaknesses, have meant that we have each taken very different key lessons from the course. Having completed the course, I know that I am a more effective leader as a result. The most obvious improvements are a significant enhancement in my time management skills and more effective delegation of tasks. The less visible would be a significantly raised sensitivity to the differences in others and how these can be considered to both improve my management/development of my staff and to leverage the best performance from my team."

    Grant Haarhoff Financial Manager (Pty) Ltd
  • "The ability to see results within the first few months of having started the management by coaching program has resulted in a huge value add in terms of results on the bottom line. I firmly believe the knowledge gained over the past months from the coaching course, through consistent practice will change the face of my business”.

    Wayne Frick Regional Manager KZN – Momentum
  • "This is a way of leading / managing that I can relate to which capitalises on some of my key strengths and provides a simple framework to enhance my less developed skills…I see the potential benefits of making this kind of investment and using the tool - for me and others.”

    K van Zyl KPMG
  • "I firmly believe that acting in a manager coach role on a constant basis with my team members will certainly add tremendous value and contribute to the personal development and enrichment of all parties involved. I want to thank Lauron for helping me to once again go back to basics and also to realise that in order to develop your team the biggest development needs to take place at home!”

    Andre Olivier MFP Regional Manager – Free State Region – Momentum
  • "I came to the realisation that in order to be an effective leader and manager you must give a person the gift of reason and insight, the ability to think and to make decisions while accepting the responsibility that goes with it. This is the only way to effectively unlock potential and improve job performance and increase job satisfaction. "It is not about the coach but about the coachee.”

    Francois Genis Legal Advisor - Momentum Fiduciary Services
  • "This coaching has been a journey that has contributed immensely in my leadership skills and I believe it will go a long way in my growth as an individual.”

    Yvonne Chepkonga Marketing Manager – Endoscopy – Smith & Nephew
  • "Before I started my coaching journey, I was in need of a structure in my work life and to some extent, my family life. Since I embarked on this journey, I have looked at things differently. I have a different view on how to prioritise and attend to tasks that will take me closer to my goals and my objectives.”

    Captain Dennis Mqadi Harbour Master - Port of Cape Town - Transnet National Ports Authority
  • "I have really come a long way from where I started, I have improved a great deal and I am handling situations far better than before. I don’t feel like a totally different person but rather an improved version of myself. The skill I want to leverage off the most is my communication because so many things in my life have improved directly because of this. It seems strange that I undertook the journey to deal with more work related issues, which I have done all the way along, but the results I have achieved recently are more social in nature and have gone a long way to making things at work seem less daunting. I have a new balance which still needs some attention but I truly feel completely different about myself, my circle of influence has really filled the circle of concern. Even stranger is the fact that I am more effective at work, thanks to this new confidence I have gained from my social interactions. My self-limiting beliefs have been cast aside and at the moment I am feeling bulletproof. "

    Thomas Sage Managing Partner – Interlogix
  • "I have been fortunate enough to attend two courses with Lauron. The first course exposed me to coaching and left a lasting impression on me. The second coaching course was a one-on-one course and really helped me to apply principles and techniques that were more specific to my current employment. I enjoy Lauron’s coaching style and find him very easy to interact with. He is extremely well read on the topics that he presents and is readily able to provide his sources of reference. I am impressed that he remains in contact with past and present delegates through his monthly newsletters and that he continues to share.”

    Morne Van Der Walt Area Sales Manager – Smith & Nephew
  • "I recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain greater balance in their private and professional lives by increasing their awareness to softer (human or E.Q.) side of life-management.”

    Pawel Wichlinski CA (SA) ACMA – GUD FILTERS (Pty) Ltd
  • "The program is well thought out and covers many critical areas that affect leaders in business in the modern age. It can bring out the best in leaders much sooner than their natural progression and error prone learning would.”

    Huzaifah Elias Africa Operations Manager – GUD FILTERS (Pty) Ltd
  • "This course has brought out skills and abilities in me that I never knew I possessed. It is an excellent course and I am so much richer."

    Fiona Ally Sovereign Health
  • "I can highly recommend Lauron Buys as an effective leadership coach. The value that Lauron provides is life changing for the individuals concerned and for the business. After completing our initial course, both I and my team have found that we are better at handling conflict, better at accepting responsibility, better at being accountable and better at getting things done. Lauron does not lecture on how you should behave but rather takes you on a journey of self discovery leading to your becoming the leader you are meant to be. The value that Lauron provides is invaluable!”

    Andy McNabb CEO of Daly Credit Corporation (Pty) Limited
  • "I would highly recommend Lauron's coaching to all. He's coaching goes beyond career or circumstance but to the individual itself. The coaching has truly assisted me in striving to achieve that better version of myself continuously and with regard to each role that I assume be it mother, wife, friend, professional. I am eternally grateful to Lauron for his contribution to my journey."

    Verusha Christmas RL Daly
  • "I worked with Lauron Buys as my leadership coach for about 10 months in 2013 and it had an amazing impact on my career! It was tough in the beginning - getting used to the 'honest learning' that took place in the safe coaching climate created by Lauron's awesome style. The work that we did helped to pull together all my prior head knowledge, from experience, studies, reading, etc. and build practical leadership skills - developing leadership muscle (ability). I continue to use all that I learnt (about myself and coaching techniques) in a professional and personal context on a daily basis. As with most things in life, you get out what you put in. So, if you are considering Lauron as a Coach, go for it; give it your all, put in the effort, be very honest with yourself during the process and you will be blown away!"

    Mark Napier UCL Company LTD
  • "Thank you, Lauren for guiding me through this amazing journey of self-discovery and personal growth! The mind shifts that I've been able to make as a result of the focussed practices you recommended has left me a more complete leader and a more rounded person."

    Francois Vos African Bank
  • "The sessions held with Lauron have been very fruitful. In retrospect, it should have been done earlier. I would recommend Executive coaching to any one who aspires for leadership positions and personal growth. It has helped in viewing life differently and has further enabled me gain more understanding or information in relation to what is usually referred to as "soft skills" and the importance thereof. The programme was intense and the return on investment is guaranteed. Given a chance I would do the programme again. I admire the patience and passion the coach has and I am looking forward to spreading my wings. Thanks"

    Thandaza Shandu KZN COGTA
  • "Due to the coaching sessions I have been greatly enriched by learning things about myself, and learning new techniques from you. I now have a deeper toolbox with some smart tools to tackle the challenges that cross me in a more efficient manner. I appreciate the time spent with you learning new techniques. I now feel a lot richer."

    Krishna Govender General Manager: Supply Chain Management – Barloworld Logistics
  • "I am writing this letter as a personal reference for Lauron Buys, as a mentor, business and Leadership coach, he has immensely added value to my Leadership acumen including my business. I have known Lauron for over two years and have found him to be honest, reliable, conscientious and courteous when dealing with various situations in the business environment. Leadership at an executive level is far from simple, Lauron’s Skills and abilities is what makes him exceptional, when dealing with intricate situations and has always had a recipe for proven successes. His stepped approach to forming leaders of tomorrow, today was very exciting, interesting and has impacted my personal and professional life positively."

    Nivash Manulal Regional Manager Vaal - African Bank
  • "Some people are born with leadership qualities while some have to be taught these attributes. Lauron has coached me to harness methods of thinking and mechanisms of reaction so that I implement the best leadership methods in my working environment as well as the social. I have learned so much and have groomed my intuition. His programme pushes one to think hard and to be conscious about being a high quality leader. I highly recommend his programme to any team leader or manager. Given the opportunity I'll go back on his coaching programme so that I can take my leadership attributes up a notch again!!!"

    Jermaine Francis Pandarum Business School Manager - Varsity College Sandton Campus
  • "The program is well thought out and covers many critical areas that affect leaders in business in the modern age. It can bring out the best in leaders much sooner than their natural progression and error prone learning would.”

    Huzaifah Elias Africa Operations Manager – GUD FILTERS (Pty) Ltd
  • "If I had to choose one course to go on for my entire working career, it would be this programme. It is the foundation.”

    Sanje Hurrichuran Business Solutions BOE Corporate (Now Nedcor)
  • "The feedback which we have received has been unanimously positive. All the delegates feel that it has made a major contribution towards developing self-confidence and self-image and all agree that they have derived great personal benefit as well as career benefit from the programme."

    Brian Findlay Formerly Divisional Director, BOE Corporate (Now Nedcor)

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