Lauron is an experienced executive coach with international experience who has helped numerous successful leaders and senior managers become even more effective by consistently and effectively getting the best out of their people, their teams and themselves.

He does this by helping them to keep focused on what they want, have conversations that transform strategic imperatives and intent into operational execution and results. In particular he helps his clients to not only acquire new skills but to implement them as part of a new habit, thereby insuring greater success. In the process, clients also develop self-motivated, self-directed and solution-focused people and teams. Engage more effectively with their team so that delivery by their teams is maximised.

Lauron has more than 20 years’ experience in Leadership, Executive and Stategic roles in law, commerce, education and sport. He has been practising as a fulltime Executive Coach since 2001, in South Africa, New Zealand and in the UK. During that time, he has successfully developed effective leaders in various market sectors, including the Banking, Insurance, Forensics, Retail, Healthcare, Mining and Automotive industries. More than half of his more than 70 corporate clients have over the years provided him with repeat mandates after initial successes.

He believes that much of this success is founded on his ability to build safe, trusting relationships relatively quickly, and to raise the self-and social awareness of his clients, thereby enabling them to better understand the impact their words and actions have on their people. His use of Integral Coaching Methodology enables his clients to relatively easily replace their less effective habits with new, more effective, sustainable ones.

His aim is to help his clients leave lasting legacies to the generations that follow them – so that the people led by his clients will perpetuate this effectiveness in their own environments simply because of the level of significance that they are experiencing.

Lauron holds a Diploma in Professional Coaching (Coaching Centre, Cape Town) and the internationally recognised Workplace Coach Training programme (Results Coaching). In June 2014, he was certified as an Integral Master Coach™ with Integral Coaching® Canada, regarded by Ken Wilber as “the most complete and the most comprehensive coaching program available.”

He is the author of three books, Management by Coaching – 7 Basic Keys (2007), High-Performance Coaching for Managers (2010) and Shooting the Lights Out: A Guide to Consistent Effective Management. He is also the author of some 200 articles that have been published in the daily press and professional online magazines.

Over the years, he has spoken at several Coaching and Mentoring Conferences in South Africa as well as at functions for several of his clients. His speeches always come from a different, thought-provoking perspective and are humorous, stretching and fun.

Lauron is a Master Certified Coach (MCC) with the International Coach Federation (ICF), the world’s largest coaching professional body.  This is one of the highest credentials offered by this highly rated professional coaching body.


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