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The message received is more important than the message intended

Makes sense, doesn’t it! Of course, the message that is received is the message acted upon and if it is the wrong message, then it’s probably too late to worry about the message intended!

Look at the person chairing or leading your multiple meetings today. How much are they focusing on the message they want to give? And how much focus on what’s being received?

When I shadow coach leaders leading meetings, my first question is often: “So, what did the people around the table see when they looked and listened to the person leading the meeting [them] today?” Most often, they don’t have a clue – and when they hear what I saw and heard, they are often mortified.

So, the lesson is, make sure that the message heard is the one you intended to give! How? Well, check it out, for starters!

Monday Morning Perspective: “The first is to be aware in any moment of who you’re being and whether it’s who you want to be. And the second is to choose who you want to be. It’s as simple – but sometimes not as easy – as that!” Steve Radcliffe

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