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This week’s focus:

Proactively Manage Your Time

The coaching topics or overall objectives that my clients and I work on are seldom about time management – normally they are aspects of their work and personal lives that will have the greatest impact for them. At the same time, virtually all my clients (and they are by no means alone!) have one thing in common – they battle to manage their time. In today’s digital world of fast foods, fast work and wall-to-wall change, it is really difficult to manage one’s time properly.

“I just don’t seem to have enough time”, is the common refrain. Sound familiar? Well, here’s the thing. We all have the same amount of time as everyone else.

So, it’s not the amount of time; it’s how we manage the time – because there is another thing all these clients have in common: over time, they become increasingly reactive in managing their time. After all, even when one plans, the day somehow takes over.

So, the first thing to remember is this, if you don’t manage your time, time will manage you!!! Start managing your time again this week!

Monday Morning Perspective: “You get to decide where your time goes. You can either spend it moving forward, or you can spend it putting out fires. You decide. And if you don’t decide, others will decide for you.” – Tony Morgan

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