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Beware the double whammy of negative self-talk and self-limiting beliefs.

Last week I wrote about the concept of neuroplasticity and the fact that each time we think about something or perform something that is habitual we strengthen our neural pathways in our brain – a good thing if it’s a good habit, but self-defeating if it is not.

I am often reminded in my work how we limit ourselves with our negative self-talk – the conversations we have in our heads that are often negative: criticizing ourselves, feeding ourselves with our self-limiting beliefs and filtering data to substantiate these views – or put another way we filter data to present ourselves with a view that is erroneous.

At some level, we all do it!

So here is the double whammy: each time we have a self-limiting or negative thought, we are strengthening a negative neural pathway in our brains; at the same time, we are weakening our ‘muscle’ to have a more accurate and positive thought in our heads – which makes it even more difficult for us to do the right thing the next time.

I know which neural pathway I would like to strengthen – what about you?

Monday Morning Perspective: “Any man could, if he were so inclined, be the sculptor of his own brain.” – Santiago Ramón y Cajal

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