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This week’s focus:

How should we lead in difficult times?

A few days ago, I received a newsletter written by one of the leadership gurus I really respect, Steve Radcliffe, in which he cited some research (by DDI) to the effect that only 38% of people in organisations worldwide say that the leadership of their organisation is ‘very good’ or better. As Steve says, “that is a terrible number”.

This is nothing new, however, and shouldn’t shock or surprise us. I have cited other studies over the years that reflect similar results. What we should be surprised or shocked about is that organisations and leaders don’t seem to have done anything about it – for the numbers remain “terrible”.

I think even many of the best leaders get caught up in the strategic imperatives of the business and lose sight of how they are actually leading the business to achieve those imperatives. There is always a ‘what’ and a ‘how’ and we are past masters at forgetting to focus on the latter as well.

Radcliffe has three questions he would like everyone (not just so-called leaders) to thoughtfully answer:

  • What aspects of your leadership are you actively developing?
  • What kind of help are you getting to support you?
  • Who do you have around you giving you feedback on the progress you are making?

These are difficult times globally, and in South Africa the economy is really starting to bite. Isn’t it really critical that we all start working on our leadership if we want to make it through to the other side!

Monday Perspective: “I need leadership help, and I intend to get it.” Travis Kalanick (CEO: Uber)

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