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This week’s focus:

Stop Resisting

Because resistance is internal, and because we are on autopilot most of (or all) the time, I bet we don’t realize just how frequently we resist things. Moreover, I bet we don’t recognise half the things we resist, because most of these are just so subtle – for example, leaving some food on your plate can be resistance as much as refusing to speak to someone because they are a jerk (well, in our eyes anyway!).

Which raises another point: are all forms of resistance wrong? I guess not – resisting walking in front of an oncoming truck might be one form of resistance that you might like to heed.

The point is, though, that mostly we are not aware of what we resist and what we don’t, how much we resist and how often, and which acts of resistance are a good thing and which are not.

Wouldn’t it be fun, or at least worthwhile, to find out? So, from today until Thursday, be aware of all the forms of resistance that you use – write them down if you can (or note them on your phone). Don’t do anything about them yet – just become really familiar with your particular brands of resistance.

Then, from Thursday, consciously practise ceasing resisting those things and people where such resistance actually adds nothing to your life, and no value to your self-growth. Put another way, stop resisting those things which allow you to expand, as well as those things where the outcome would be to limit or constrict you!

Simply stop resisting in these areas – and notice what happens!

Monday Morning Perspective: “To fight and conquer in all our battles is not supreme excellence; supreme excellence consists in breaking the enemy’s resistance without fighting” – Sun Tzu

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