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This week’s focus:

Do yourself a favour: don’t choose to be emotionally unintelligent!

It seems to me that we can choose to be emotionally intelligent or emotionally unintelligent. Let me explain what I mean.

Perhaps the best example is when we get angry and perhaps even lose our temper. When we are triggered, there is a moment where we tend to give ourselves permission to let go. We say something like “Stuff this!” After all, other person can’t “make us angry” – we choose this route!

If we are able to give ourselves permission, then we can also decide not to give ourselves permission to lose it.

The same goes for a lot of emotions, if not all. No one can make us sad, happy, grumpy etc. We choose to be or show these emotions, or not to!

So, try it. Try choosing the emotionally intelligent option in the moment. You’ll find it easier than you think! And incredibly self-empowering!

Monday Morning Perspective: “You will become as small as your controlling desire; as great as your dominant aspiration.” — James Allen

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