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Simplicity in Complexity

I think it was Oliver Wendell Holmes Jnr (a Chief Justice in the US almost a century ago) who said something like: “I don’t give a jot for simplicity this side of complexity but I would give anything for simplicity on the other side.”

I find this such a wonderful notion, and a principle I think we should aspire to live by. I mean, we probably all see daily examples of others and, heaven forbid, ourselves, making the proverbial mountains out of molehills.

The late Leo Buscaglia once said: “Love is simple; it is us that complicates it.” The same could be said about life in general. At the same time, while advances in technology, science and other avenues are intended to make life simpler, in many ways they actually make them more complex. We only have to look at our various roles and those of others to notice how much more complex they are today than they were a decade ago or, indeed, last week!

So, here’s the thing as I see it: Life is difficult and complex enough without us complicating it more by complicating the simple and then complicating the complex still further.

Let’s try to keep things simple and clear this week.

Monday Morning Perspective: “The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak.” – Hans Hofmann

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